Fulfillment Miami

A couple of weeks back, I told you all about what I’m doing for a living. This is not something I do every day, to say the least. Throughout my years, running this blog, I might have mentioned it.. 4 times? 5 maybe? It’s very uncommon, is what I’m trying to say here.

If you missed this text, I can repeat that I’m working in Miami with fulfillment. As I understand it, a lot of you don’t even know what working with fulfillment in Miami means. That’s why I’m back for another post about my everyday life, outside of this blog. Are you ready to read some more about fulfillment in Miami? I sure hope so because that’s what’s happening!

OK. First of all, what does it mean that I work in fulfillment in Miami?

Let’s start looking at the customers I’m working with, e-commerce businesses. For the last couple of years, this industry has become huge all over the world. More and more people give up physical stores and choose to shop online. Shop for everything. Clothes, food, electronics – everything. What fulfillment means is that companies, in Miami and elsewhere, can trust us to do all the logistics around their business. From the moment that a customer orders something in their online store. To the moment when that products lands in their mailbox. Every step along the way is what fulfillment is about.


As part of our fulfillment services in Miami, we have gigantic warehouses where we store our client’s stuff. It could be anything, from products that need to be frozen to toys or furniture. Litteraly anything.

Pick and pack

When one of our client’s customers decide to order, we immediately get that into our system. The fulfillment process moves on in the warehouse in Miami. Co-workers get in there and pick whatever product is ordered. We pack it and then we send it to the person that ordered – wherever he/she is.


Delivery is of course one of the most important steps here. As we are a high-end fulfillment company in Miami, we can ship all over the place. We’re not just talking about the state, and we’re not talking about the U.S. We’re talking about the whole world.

Want to learn more about me and/or about fulfillment in Miami in general? Let me know and I’ll give you more info that will teach you some more.

Have a great time until the next!